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Men's Silk Pajamas |Mens Silk Sleepwear/Comfortable Night Attire

Men’s Silk Pajamas sets are fashion collections that are looked upon as a sign of tailored quality with comfortable luxury. If you are tired of cheap loungewear and want something special, something better then it’s time for you to take your sleepwear fabric to the next level. Silk has amazed men for hundreds (or even thousands) of years.Men's Silk Pajamas - Ocean Waves - Pajamas for Men in 100% Silk:Blue Color, Jacquard Weave Pattern. A Unique Luxury and Comfortable Gift for Men-Shirt has a four-button front, chest pocket, long sleeves, and an elegant trim along collar & front.Pajama pants have button fly front, and an elasticized waist with drawstring.Customer Reviews are 5.0 out of 5.0 stars.

Men's Silk Pajamas Are a Step above in Sleepwear Quality

There are no other luxury fashion accessories quite like it. It has been used in quality clothing for a very long time and it still is in today’s comfortable fashion brands so why not consider pampering yourself with a set of silk satin boxer shorts with an elastic waistband and monogram shirt.2PC SLEEPWEAR SET: Super comfy and stylish 2 piece sleepwear set made of a beautiful fabric: 90% silk and 10% micro-fiber.Full button down front closure for easy on and off.Sleep pants have elastic at waist to snug up the fit and create a cozy feel against your skin.

Silk Pajamas Add a Little Bit of Oriental Fabric to Bedtime

Silk pajamas are a great way to add to your overall comfortable night of sleep. This type of Oriental fabric is very soft to the touch and also has the benefit of being a very light weight material. Although this type of loungewear comes in a wide variety of different combination sets, the pajama pants a drawstring and a classic shirt is the favorite among most men.

Silk Has Been Used for over 5000 Years

If you recall, silk was responsible for the famous and historic Silk Road that connected the east to the west since the dawn of time. In fact, heavy evidence suggests that we’ve been enjoying the pleasures of this fabric for at least five thousand years – that’s a lot.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the very first uses were indeed for the sleepwear of very important people in China. Today, you don’t have to be an Emperor to wear a fine quality silk night gowns or pajamas, as everyone can afford it.Men's Blue Classic Satin Sleep Pajama Pants:Wide elastic waist band with drawstring-Side seam pockets/Luxury quality silky polyester satin.Sizes: S-28-30, M-32-34, L-36-38, XL-40-42.

This is a standard sizing chart

  • Small: Will fit Chests 34-36", Waists 29-31"
  • Medium: Will fit Chests 38-40", Waists 32-34"
  • Large: Will fit Chests 42-44", Waists 36-38"    
  • XL: Will fit Chests 46-48", Waists 40-42"
  • XXL: Will fit Chests 50-52", Waists 44-46"

Men's Classic Satin Pajama Set and Sleep Mask:Button front top and matching sleep mask and Elastic waist-Premium Satin Poly.Customer Reviews are 4.6 out of 5.0 stars.Though quality "men’s silk pajamas" might not be the cheapest ones when you compare to other fabrics, when it comes to silk you have to admit you’re getting a pretty good deal on your pjs. Just consider all the hard work involved with extracting and processing silk, and the smooth gentle touch of your newly bought pajamas.

Silk Is a Top Quality Sleepwear for Men

Do you still think you paid too much for it? I don’t think so, and I’m sure you think the same way too. Browse our inventory of brands for quality resources and sizing. We will supply you with all your online pajama purchases here at

Men's Pajamas | Men's Pajamas Sets|Sleepwear For Men
Men's Pajamas can sometimes be a daunting task to find the best sleepwear set that suits the style of the right man. Men's Sleepwear Collections helps provide the best comfortable basics that every man appreciates in Pajamas Sets and Robes.

Silk Pajamas | Tips on different types of silk pajamas, which one is for you?
There are several different types of silk pajamas available today.Chiffon is a popular type of silk that is used for pajamas. This type of silk is most common when it comes to intimate types of pajamas.

Tall Pajamas will allow you to reach into new heights in nighttime clothing
Tall pajamas are a blessing. For years, finding unusual sizes for clothes (including sleepwear) was very hard and time consuming. You had to visit store after store, finding nothing, until you either gave up or were lucky enough to find what you were looking for.

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